New Report Reveals:           

How to Profit when people Unsubscribe from Emails

And why NOT knowing this strategy can put emails into the spam folder - killing open rates, clicks, and SALES.
What actually happens to a business when people unsubscribe from an email list? 

BAD news...

It increases spam rates, damages deliverability, and worst of all…

It costs the business money every single time someone clicks that pesky ‘unsubscribe’ button (because growing a list isn’t free, you know).

But here’s the good news…

I’ve discovered a way to set up an unsubscribe button that improves deliverability, decreases spam rates, and can even allow a business to profit when people click the 'unsubscribe' link.

Here is an example of someone unsubscribing, and then spending $117.73 just minutes later:
I set up this process for a client of mine in Summer 2020... and they turned 107 of their unsubscribes into paying customers:
That's JUST from people who clicked the unsubscribe button.

PLUS they were able to save 312 people from unsubscribing WHILE cutting their spam complaint rate in half AND improving their deliverability (we'll get to this in a second).

I know that sounds outrageous. At first, I thought the same thing, too.

I mean, I hadn’t ever heard of anyone else doing this. Not even the gurus like Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, etc, etc…

It was literally just me.

Maybe I just got lucky? Maybe it was something that would only work for me?

But that’s when a friend of mine told me he was having some spam problems with his list.

So I decided to test out my method again to see if it actually worked for other people or if I just got lucky.

Now, let me preface this by saying my friend’s problem was SO bad that he received a message from his Email Service Provider (ESP) telling him that they were going to shut his account down if he didn’t reduce his spam complaint rate…

The message quite literally came out of nowhere. He didn’t even know that he was getting marked as spam.

Most people don’t. At least not until it’s too late.

I know people who have had their email accounts shut down over spam complaints that showed up practically overnight. Everything they built was lost forever. And a lot of money went down the drain.

It’s not a fun spot to be in.

Especially since it’s SO sudden.

And it can cost tens of thousands (at least) to rebuild it all.

But that’s not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is that no one seems to know what causes this sudden-onset spam issue nor how to fix it.

Obviously, anyone can say, “send better emails”...


But that doesn’t solve the CORE issue that goes undetected by most people.
Here’s the cold hard truth about unsubscribes...
Every time someone clicks the ‘unsubscribe’ button in your email, your domain reputation & email deliverability take a little hit.

But what’s even worse is that after people unsubscribe, they have another opportunity to sucker punch you… (virtually, of course)

Because they can also report you as spam:
That's a screenshot of what I saw after I clicked the 'unsubscribe' button in Sam Ovens' email.

Yep, your own ESP will ask people if they want to report you as spam (even if your ESP doesn't have a pop up like this, they do it in other ways).

And to add insult to injury... Gmail and all the other inbox providers make it easier than ever for people to block you, report you as spam, and report you for phishing:
Now, I like Sam Ovens. I'm not gonna do that to him. But the truth is anyone can do this to anyone else at any time, for any reason.

Doesn't matter if they're right or wrong.

If they're having a bad hair day or maybe woke up on the wrong side of the bed... Or simply just don't understand what spam is... they'll report you for it.

Especially if they get at all triggered from your email.

Point is, spam counts as a more severe black mark against you.

So, if you thought unsubscribes were bad…

Spam complaints are FAR worse.

They cause your domain reputation & email deliverability to take an even BIGGER hit than an unsubscribe.

Truth is, the way your ‘unsubscribe’ button is set up right now is probably making it convenient for people to unsubscribe AND mark you as spam.

Even worse, the damage between unsubscribes & spam complaints doesn’t just add up…

It multiplies.

It’s exactly FIVE times worse.

How do I know?

Because all the big inbox providers like Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo say so.

A quick Google search shows that you reallllllly should keep your unsubscribe rate under 0.5% (5 out of every 1,000 recipients) to be safe.
But spam rules are even stricter...

According to Gmail, you NEED to keep your spam complaint rate under 0.1%...

That’s not a typo.

All it takes to get in trouble with Google (and potentially get kicked off your ESP) is if just ONE out of every 1,000 people marks your email as spam.

Worst of all, when this happens, it counts as both an unsubscribe AND a spam complaint.

Which is what I would call a super black mark, to put it nicely.

Yep, I’m really turning up the urgency here. Because it’s a serious problem that most people are completely unaware of.
... This was the exact issue my friend was having that nearly got his email account shut down.
He got this message from his ESP that he was over the “spam complaint threshold” (0.1%) and that he HAD to fix it within 30 days or he would risk losing his entire email account & the huge assets he had built within it.
And like most people, he had NO idea how to fix the problem.

(I don’t blame him, it’s really hard to see coming)

That’s why he called me.

So I taught him my method, and as you probably guessed… It worked again (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this letter right now).

Not only did his spam complaints drop to 0.04% on most emails (less than half of the allowed limit)...
(most recent on top)
And not only did he save his account from getting shut down...
But he also acquired an extra 20 mid-high ticket buyers from his list over the next couple of months from doing absolutely nothing other than taking a moment to set up my method:
Again, that's JUST from people who clicked the 'unsubscribe' link in his emails. 

Not a crazy amount, but pretty good for setting something that didn't take long to set up.

But what IS crazy is that one of the people who unsubscribed from his list not only bought something on the spot...

But that person eventually booked a call with the client’s sales team & bought their $4,000 coaching program (which proves that this method works for both product AND service-based businesses)

As long as you (or your client) sell SOMETHING, it can work for you.

Heck, even if you DON’T sell anything via email, I’ve even found a way for you to get receive a commission when people unsubscribe from you or your clients’ list.

It’s crazy how simple & lucrative this is for any business owner, copywriter, agency, or freelancer to implement.

Not too bad, huh?

I mean, who doesn’t want to stay out of spam AND make extra revenue at the same time?

And remember, this is recurring.

This little ‘Unsub Secret’, as I like to call it, works around the clock, pulling in hundreds or thousands each month, depending on the size of your list.

Now imagine compounding that effect over the course of a year.

Worst case scenario, if you have a tiny list, you could still bring in hundreds extra per month WHILE improving your email deliverability.

Heck, even if you were a little a mom & pop shop with nothin' but an email address & a telephone, you can still make it work since one phone sale can be hundreds or thousands alone.

Again, I’m talking worst case scenario...

Which is staying out of spam and generating a little extra revenue in the background (like I said, this takes just a few moments to set up).

Oh, and you save money, too, because this will reduce the number of people who actually unsubscribe from your list. It makes them change their minds & want to stay.

Now… Time for the best case scenario…

Let’s say you have a pretty big email list. Right now you probably have quite a few people unsubscribing every day.

That’s when the revenue from the ‘Unsub Secret’ really starts to add up.

Like I said, one of my clients brought in extra email revenue right away:

Imagine finding that kind of extra revenue in your list each year.

Now THAT’s crazy.

And if you have a HUGE list…

Like hundreds of thousands of people…

Imagine how much revenue you might be leaving on the table each month. Every little sale adds up quick.

Especially if you sell over the phone. Just 1-2 high ticket sales using this method can REALLY make it rain.

Again, all of this works on autopilot…

You simply just implement the ‘Unsub Secret’ in just a few moments and let it do it’s thing. You don’t ever have to touch it again.
How does the 'Unsub Secret' work?
Simply put, this ‘Unsub Secret’ is going to do 3 things:
  • 1. Cut spam complaints in HALF & improve your email deliverability.
  • 2. Reduce unsubscriptions from your email list.
  • 3. Turn unsubscribers into customers.
(Plus, remember that it takes just a few moments to set up and you don't need to touch it after that.)

This method works because it allows you to “upsell” people when they click that pesky little ‘unsubscribe button’.

Obviously, I can’t really say too much more without giving away how to do it.

We’ll get to that in just a second.

But just know that it IS compliant with email laws & rules, in case you were wondering.

I tell you this so you won’t have any doubts when you try it...

The last thing you want to do right now is doubt all the data & proof I’ve shown today, ignore it, and then unexpectedly get the “email of doom” from your ESP about a spam complaint rate greater than 0.1%...

Like I said, losing your email account due to ignoring this quick method just isn’t worth the risk.

And you don't want to miss out on a whole new revenue stream, either.
So it’s pretty important that you take care of this little nagging issue now before it becomes an incurable pain.
That's why I'm here.

In case you don’t know me and are wondering how I discovered this method or if I’m credible enough to teach you about email...

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Troy Ericson.
Today, I’m known as the ‘Email Paramedic’ for my ability to revive my clients' dead email lists and turn them into revenue streams of $100k+ per month.

Here are a few screenshots of the monthly revenue from the lists I manage:

I’ve been covered in multiple news publications like LA Wire, US Reporter, and New York Weekly:

Plus, I’ve gotten to hang with some pretty cool mentors over the years…

Like $100 Million Dollar Email Copywriter Ian Stanley
Stefan Georgi & Justin Goff - founders of Copy Accelerator, who have combined to sell over $1 Billion (with a B) worth of products & services.
As well as ‘celebrity marketers’ like Jason Capital, and even Vince Sant - Co-Founder of the $200MM/year fitness powerhouse, V-Shred.
But most importantly for you…
I’ve successfully used the ‘Unsub Secret’ on both tiny lists with hundreds of people...
And huuuge lists with more than 100,000 subscribers.
Simply put: The 'Unsub Secret' and all the other strategies I use in email marketing, list management, and deliverability are why my clients scale to over $100,000 per month.

But honestly, the 'Unsub Secret' is probably the easiest & fastest to implement. It's just that most people don't know about it.

Here's what a few of my beta testers had to say after I sent them a tutorial about how to implement my method:
These testers, plus my clients, are in niches like:
  • eComm
  • ​Retail
  • Health
  • Finance
  • ​Info Products
  • ​Services
  • ​Lead Gen
  • ​Agencies
  • ​Local Businesses
Point is, it can work for you, too.
So, because of all the success myself & others had, I made a BOLD decision that I may or may not take back…

I decided to release my ‘Unsub Secret’ to the public.
So I could help businesses, agency owners, copywriters, and freelancers create a stream of completely automated revenue WHILE helping spam-proof their emails.

And today is your golden opportunity to try it.

The product is a quick video training called “The Unsub Secret.” Pretty creative, I know. 

I wanna be really clear about this product. It’s NOT fancy. It doesn’t have a bunch of modules or fancy crap. In fact, it’s one 18 minute video.

That means you’re only 18 minutes away from spam-proofing your emails, reducing unsubscriptions, and knowing how to create another automated revenue stream from your email list…

Then simply take a few moments to set it up & you’re good to go. You don’t have to do anything after that.
Here's what you get with this digital product:
‘The Unsub Secret: How to Turn Unsubscribers into Customers’.
You get:
  • Instant email delivery of the 'Unsub Secret' 18 minute training video that you can implement today.
  • ​Unlimited support from me via email in case you have any questions (just reply).
  • ​Optional but recommended add-on of 9 other email secrets I know.
You're going to learn:
  • How to activate the little-known ‘Unsub Secret’ to reduce the number of people who unsubscribe from your email list each month.
  • How to turn these ‘would-have-been’ unsubscribes into new customers.
  • How to cut your spam complaint rate in half so you can reduce the risk of going to spam.
  • ​And how to set this all up in just a few moments, regardless of Email Service Provider or previous experience with email.
Oh, and if you’re really looking to make huge strides with your email revenue, I’m also going to offer you a Recommended add-on called:
“The Other 9 Hidden Email Secrets to Avoid Spam, Boost Opens, and Blow Up Sales”...
Which is going to reveal the other 9 email secrets I know outside of the ‘Unsub Secret’ that are largely responsible for my 7 & 8 figure clients’ massive success.
Here are just a few of the 9 other secrets you’ll learn when you add this bonus to your order today:
#1: The ‘Weird Name' trick that keeps people guessing, laughing, and buying whenever you use it.

#3: The GIF Hack that allows you to quite literally dance into anyone's inbox with predicability & control.

#5: Why 'Manipulation' is a GOOD word in email.

#7: The other strange truth about unsubscribe buttons... And how to use them as a ‘spam shield’.

#9: The ‘Fashionably Late’ trick to grabbing prime email real estate in anyone's phone at any time.
One last thing before we get to the price...
I don’t know if I will keep this information available for long.

While my goal is to help as many people as possible maximize the amount of automated revenue they bring in with their email lists, reduce their number of unsubscribes, and cut their spam complaints down to virtually zero…

I literally have never seen anyone else use this method before.

And I’ve never sold this information until now.

So with that being said, I’m literally not joking when I say that I may take this down later as it’s proprietary information that no one else knows outside of myself & my clients (and you, when you take action today).

If I were in your shoes, I would buy this product right away.

Because I’ve seen firsthand the consequences of NOT knowing the ‘Unsub Secret’.

I didn't even realize how big of an issue spam complaints were until my very first client got that nasty “email of doom” from her ESP about her .16% spam complaint rate.

It didn’t seem like much, but we ended up nearly losing that account and I got fired right after that since our deliverability sucked and she wasn’t making any money from her list.

Thankfully, I’ve come a LONG way since then. And a lot of it is because of the 'Unsub Secret'. I’ve saved 2 clients’ accounts now because of it (and gotten a nice bonus from each).

On top of all that, this does work on all Email Service Providers, for all types of businesses, and in all niches.

(I’m not just saying that - I’ve worked on just about every ESP by now and in every industry.)
Soooo, what's the cost?
Look, the ‘Unsub Secret’ is something that literally takes just a few moments to set up - but continues to generate consistent monthly revenue as your list keeps growing.

It never pauses. It never takes a break. It just keeps working in the background, even when you’re eating, sleeping, working, or sipping a Piña colada at the beach.

It’s literally a way to collect hidden revenue that you’re currently missing out on… WHILE reducing your number of unsubscribes and helping you stay out of the spam folder.

There’s really nothing to compare this product to because no one else is teaching this (because no one else seems to know how to solve this problem.)

As you’ve seen today, other people have already generated extra email revenue in the background, after taking just a few moments to set this up like I showed them.

So this should get you excited...

Because not only can the ‘Unsub Secret’ generate extra email revenue...

But it also SAVES money you might currently be losing who would've unsubscribed choose to stay on your list (most business owners pay $1 or more per subscriber - and it sucks to see them go).

AND keeps you safer from going to the spam folder, which is the most costly mistake anyone could ever make.

So, given that the ‘Unsub Secret’ can do all of these things for you by just setting it up once, it’s easy to see why I’ve kept it private for so long.

Other than this page, the ONLY other way to get this information is to become one of my private email list management clients, who pay me up to $6,000 per month to write their emails, manage their deliverability, and implement little-known methods like this one to scoop up every penny that they were previously missing out on.

And, no, I’m not just throwing numbers out there. That’s actually what I charge since I only work with 7 & 8 figure clients who can afford it… and because I implement virtually unheard of strategies similar to the ‘Unsub Secret’ that make them up to 6 figures each month - far more than the 6k they pay me.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to charge anywhere near 6k for the ‘Unsub Secret’.

And even though you can probably understand why it would make sense for me to charge something like $197 for it…

Which wouldn’t take too long to make back… WHILE helping you stay safe from Spam…

I wanted to make this an absolute no-brainer…

You see…
Here's 'the catch':
I’m going to charge you WAY less than you’d expect because I have another motive in mind…

AKA, ‘the catch’.

When you click the button at the bottom of this page to order the ‘Unsub Secret’, I want you to feel blown away by the low, low price that I’m charging…

That your jaw might literally drop and hit the floor.

Why so low?

Because I want you to get it & actually implement it today so you can start seeing an immediate return.

And once you realize just how lucrative and genius it is…

Especially given that you paid so little…

I know you’re going to say, “Wow, I can’t believe how much of a steal that was. I bet Troy has some other good products & services.”

And because I helped you SO much from such a low-priced offer, you and I will do “real business” at some point in the future.

So that’s ‘the catch’, in case you were skeptical.

Because that “low, low price” I’m only going to charge…

Isn’t $197…

Nor $97.
When you take action today, you’re going to get access to ‘The Unsub Secret: How to Turn Unsubscribers into Customers’ for a one-time fee of just $37.
Yup, only $37. No subscriptions or anything.

I wanted to price it right around the same price as a cheap bottle of wine - like the one you pop open to celebrate all the extra revenue you’re going to find thanks to the ‘Unsub Secret’.

You get the point. It doesn’t cost much. Especially for all the value you’re getting in return.

But I can’t just make it free as I want to make sure it’s only going to serious people who will actually use it.

People generally never use ‘free things’ because there’s no value tied to them. They tend to push them off until later & then never get around to it.

And I personally think it would be a major mistake for you to push this off… Like the same major mistake I made when I almost got my client's account shut down and she fired me... If only I would have known the 'Unsub Secret' back then.

Look, I want you to succeed with this right away.

So that’s why it’s $37. Because it’s cheap enough for you to easily say yes today but expensive enough where you actually use it.
So, whether you’re just going to grab
‘The Unsub Secret' Training Video today…
  • How to activate the little-known ‘Unsub Secret’ to reduce the number of people who unsubscribe from your email list each month.
  • How to turn these ‘would-have-been’ unsubscribers into new sales.
  • How to cut your spam complaint rate in half so you can reduce the risk of going to spam.
  • ​And how to do all of this in just a few moments, regardless of Email Service Provider or previous experience with email.
Or if you make the great decision to also include ‘The Other 9 Hidden Email Secrets to Avoid Spam, Boost Opens, and Blow Up Sales’ with your order…
This is the ONLY page where you will find them.

And you MUST click the button below to order now, before I take this offer down (I don’t know when that will be, but it will happen without notice and will NOT be sold again).

Here's a Recap of What You Get:
A short 18 minute video called:
‘The Unsub Secret: How to Turn Unsubscribers into Customers':
  • How to activate the little-known ‘Unsub Secret’ to reduce the number of people who unsubscribe from your email list each month.
  • How to turn these ‘would-have-been’ unsubscribers into new sales.
  • How to cut your spam complaint rate in half so you can reduce the risk of going to spam.
  • ​And how to do all of this in just a few moments, regardless of Email Service Provider or previous experience with email.

And the Highly-Recommended add-on video called:
“The Other 9 Hidden Email Secrets to Avoid Spam, Boost Opens, and Blow Up Sales”:
Here are just a few things you'll learn:

#1: The ‘Weird Name' trick that keeps people guessing, laughing, and buying whenever you use it.

#3: The GIF Hack that allows you to quite literally dance into anyone's inbox with predicability & control.

#5: Why 'Manipulation' is a GOOD word in email.

#7: The other strange truth about unsubscribe buttons... And how to use them as a ‘spam shield’.

#9: The ‘Fashionably Late’ trick to grabbing prime email real estate in anyone's phone at any time.
Imagine how different life could feel today…
Knowing that you can watch a quick video & then take just a few moments to set up something that can turn pesky unsubscribes into excited new customers…

Something that makes email marketing much easier than most people think…

Something that can provide an extra revenue stream to invest in new ads, create higher margins, or even give yourself a raise...

All while you sit back and go about your daily life...

And let the 'Unsub Secret' make sales for you... While you focus on the rest of your business & life.

That first notification will feel amazing!

Other people have gotten notifications just like this, telling them that someone who just unsubscribed from their list changed their mind & bought something:
This is why I made the ‘Unsub Secret’ - so you don't have to worry about losing subscribers - and instead make more monthly revenue from email while reducing the odds of going to spam.
All this is possible when you click the button below and place your order now:
All orders today are backed by my 90 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee and are SSL Secure Transactions:
This is really important, and here’s why:

Every day I get notifications from different clients’ online stores and sites (my favorite is the Shopify “cha-chiiiiiing”)...

Alerting me that someone who planned on unsubscribing just turned into a paying customer…

Some of the orders are tiny $5 payments, others are higher ticket at ~ $100, and some are bookings & consult calls with my service-based clients that close deals for $1-5k…

Meanwhile, I get ZERO notifications about spam complaint thresholds...

And while I’m absolutely certain that the same will happen for you, I also know that in today’s society of internet marketing gurus’ over-the-top hype and false promises…

Talk is cheap.

That’s why I want to put my money where my mouth is…

And offer you the opportunity to try the ‘Unsub Secret’ for 90 days at no risk to you.

It works like this:
Simply click the button below that says “Get Instant Access to the ‘Unsub Secret’ for just $37”...
Fill out the form and choose if you’d like the add-on as well, and then complete your order.

You'll receive the training video via email within about 5 minutes.

Then implement the ‘Unsub Secret’ with your email sending software right away by following the simple instructions.

I’m positive that once you do this, you’ll start noticing your spam complaints drop and your new sales to go up thanks to the ‘Unsub Secret’ (I’ll even show you how to track this).

And you’ll happily do ‘real business’ with me in the future because of how much value you got out of this.

But if for any reason I’m wrong…

If you can’t make back your $37 in the next 90 days…

(Which is practically impossible unless you buy this & never use it)

Then just shoot me an email, even 89 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes from now - showing me that you actually gave it a try and it didn’t work…

And I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

And the only reason I’m doing this is because, like I said, it’s virtually impossible to not make back $37 using the ‘Unsub Secret’.

And I want to make sure that you know how much confidence I have in it… and more importantly… How much confidence I have in YOU to succeed with this.

Still though, isn’t it nice knowing that you have nothing to lose?

You’ve heard my story, you’ve seen the results, and yet you still get 90 days to try it out.

So go ahead and click the button below right now, and order the ‘Unsub Secret’ today:
I can’t force you to make more revenue & spam-proof your email list… The decision is up to you.
Look, I can’t keep writing forever.

I can’t FORCE you to make a smart decision and purchase the ‘Unsub Secret’ today.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

You can either…

A. Ignore everything you’ve seen today…

Like my personal horror story of almost losing a client’s email account…

The evidence that a 0.1% spam complaint rate can derail your business…

And the inarguable proof that setting up the ‘Unsub Secret’ in just a few moments can add extra monthly email revenue to your list, all in the background, while you focus on your business & life.

You can ignore all of this and simply go on about your day, never knowing what it’s like to be one of the few people in the entire world who know how to turn unsubscribers into paying customers…

And miss out on potentially dozens of sales this week (and every week going forward).

We both know that’s not a good choice. All the numbers you’ve seen today back that up...

But if that’s the choice you make - to not take action today…

Then there’s no hard feelings - and I wish you all the best.

But just think about what life will be like a few months from now…

Imagine the next time that you’re looking for another way to increase email revenue...

Or looking for something that helps cover your business expenses...

Or something that you could use to give yourself a raise and take your family on vacation…

The truth is, that if you can’t seem to find something that can do all 3 of these...

You’ll probably think back to this moment when you had the opportunity to uncover a hidden revenue stream using the ‘Unsub Secret’.

Or even worse, God forbid you run into spam issues and you lose revenue hand-over-fist while potentially losing your business’s email account to the 0.1% spam complaint threshold rule.

Won’t you think back to this moment...

When you had the chance to turn unsubscribers into customers...

Which would’ve made you extra revenue, saved people from unsubscribing, AND spam-proofed your email list…

And feel just a little bit of regret that you didn’t try the ‘Unsub Secret’ while it was still available?

If the answer is even a “maybe”...

Then I would strongly encourage you to take the MUCH smarter Option B...

Which is to say “YES” to the ‘Unsub Secret’ right now…

By clicking the button below that says “Get the ‘Unsub Secret’ for just $37” so you can activate it within just a few moments…

While it’s still available. But ONLY on this page.

Your decision today is covered by a 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

So you truly have nothing to lose…

And an entirely new revenue source & level of email safety to gain.

I can’t make the decision for you.

But I trust you’ll make the right decision.

Thanks for spending your time with me today…

And I look forward to hearing about your success using the ‘Unsub Secret’.

See you on the inside,

Troy Ericson
$6MM Email Marketer & ‘Email Paramedic’
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the ‘Unsub Secret’ again?

The ‘Unsub Secret’ is a discovery I made two years ago that allowed me to turn ‘would-have-been’ unsubscribers into new customers & new sales. It also helps reduce the number of spam complaints and unsubscriptions - increasing email deliverability, list size, and sales.

Because of all the success I have had with it (generating extra revenue each month after taking just a few moments to set it up), I have decided to release this secret to the public. The product is called ‘The Unsub Secret: How to Turn Unsubscribers into Customers’, which you can purchase by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

You will also have the option to purchase my 9 other little-known secrets that I use to boost email revenue for my 7 & 8 figure clients.

What do I get with my purchase?

After completing your order on the next page, you will instantly receive an 18 minute video via email, which will teach you:

- How to activate the little-known ‘Unsub Secret’ to drastically reduce the number of people who unsubscribe from your email list.

- How to turn these ‘would-have-been’ unsubscribers into new customers.

- How to cut your spam complaint rate in half so you can reduce the risk of going to spam.

- And how to do all of this in just a few moments of work, regardless of Email Service Provider (ESP) or previous experience with email

Does it actually work?

Yes, the ‘Unsub Secret’ has worked for businesses in various industries, including eComm, Health, Finance, Info Products, Retail, Services, Local Businesses, Agencies, and Lead Gen.

Obviously, the bigger your email list and the more often you email, the more revenue it's possible to make (this is true of most things in business).

The product will show you exactly how to maximize your potential.

And don’t forget - ALL lists will be safer from spam and can at least save several people from unsubscribing - many of whom turn into paying customers in the future.

I COULD charge a lot more for this product. The reason I only charge $37 is to make it AS EASY AS POSSIBLE for you to profit from this right away. 

What if I don’t sell products?

That’s fine. This also works for phone call-based businesses and other service-based businesses. Heck, I even show you a way to help other people make sales from it even if you don't have any of your own products OR services to sell. This way, you can get a cut for helping them.

Who is Troy Ericson again?

Troy Ericson is an email marketer known as the ‘Email Paramedic’ for his ability to revive ‘dead’ email lists by increasing their open rates, clicks, and sales. He serves clients that run 7 & 8 figure businesses and implements little-known strategies that help them have record months JUST from their email list. He has been featured in multiple news publications like The New York Weekly, LA Wire, and US Reporter.

After generating over $6MM for his clients, Troy has decided to sell information like the ‘Unsub Secret’ to help more people at larger scale.

How much are you charging for the ‘Unsub Secret’?

Like I said, this method is easily worth $197. But today, you will only pay $37 to learn the ‘Unsub Secret’, which is ONLY available on this page.

Disclaimer: This offer may be taken down at any time WITHOUT WARNING to protect this proprietary information. So it would be a good idea to order today while it’s still available. If the next page doesn’t load, it’s too late.

What is the refund policy?

You have 90 days to try the ‘Unsub Secret’. If you can show me that you tried it and couldn’t make back your $37 within 90 days, I will give you a full $37 refund. (If you do not plan on using this product, please do not buy it.)

How can I get access to the ‘Unsub Secret’?

You can click the blue button below to order the ‘Unsub Secret’ today. You will also have the option to purchase 9 other little-known secrets that I use to boost email revenue for my 7 & 8 figure clients.
Click the button below to order:
P.S. - If you scrolled alllllll the way to the end just to see what the offer is...

For just $37, you're getting an 18 minute video that shows you EXACTLY how to turn people who unsubscribe from your email list into new customers AND lower your spam complaint rate.

(I used this secret for my client to bring in an extra 107 customers.)

For more information, please scroll up a bit to see the Frequently Asked Questions section and then click the blue button to place your order.
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